Our Ballarat building inspection is essential for your home or any building project as it provides a comprehensive report about the property. Alongside with building inspection, pest and termite inspection reports are also important to your property. Our inspectors are true local, who are trade qualified and can help in completing pre-purchase inspections, pre-auction, pre-sale and dilapidation reports.

With a collective experience of over 70 years in building, pest and termite inspection, our inspectors are committed to perform professional inspections and provide high-quality reports that will identify major as well as minor faults. Pest and termite inspection are available upon request.


Ballarat Building Inspections provide independent inspections covering the critical stages of a new house construction, including:

  • Pre Slab Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lockup/Pre-Plaster Stage
  • Final Handover

We understand that no one wants a hickup in the process of new home construction, that is why our inspection stages coincide with the progress payment schedule, which will ensure the progress occur seamlessly. This will also help to avoid payment disputes during construction.

Our range of inspection services is quite flexible that you can request for either one of these stages or for the entire process. Our Ballarat building inspectors are available to deliver exceptional building inspections with detailed plus assisting during the new home construction process.

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